The Brunch

At the beach, a friend's backyard or in your own cozy home, The Brunch is ideal for the carpe diem crowd. 


The Brunch includes a tasty combo of both sweet and tart goodies. A colorful fresh-fruit box, Splash mixer or juice bar, fresh baked pastries, cocktail garnishes, bamboo recyclable plates, utensil set, petite vase, fresh flowers.


Picnic add-ons: picnic blanket, cutting board, shatter-proof plastic wine glasses. 


Fruit, pastries and morning that is a perfect way to start the day! Get up early or sleep in and get some extra zZ's, but then it's time to seize the day! 

  •  Pajamas and gathering in your besties' apartment: show up in in style with The Brunch in hand!
  • Do it for the 'gram: grab your pals and head to the beach - who doesn't want their bloodymary oceanside?

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