The Power

Yoga in the park or an afternoon get-together with friends, The Power has all the light and refreshing offerings to accompany your healthy gathering.


Includes: Fresh crudité and farmers market hummus box, collagen water, juice shot by Pressed Juicery, sea salt + olive oil crackers, trail mix, Happy Spritz aromatherapy face towelette, sparkling water, succulent, bamboo plate, utensils set.


Picnic Add-ons: picnic blanket, shatter-proof plastic glasses, cutting board.



Use yourself, gift to a colleague or gather with friends - The Power invites healthy habits to join in on the fun!

  •  Working from home? How about work from the park! Take The Power with you to keep your energy up with healthy bites!
  •  Gather with family or friends but leave the calories behind!

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